John Hamilton is a self taught artist and was introduced to the world of cars when his Mother bought him his first Dinky Toy Rolls Royce, which he insisted on trying to drive along the pavement into town. This was followed by more toy cars and an MGB pedal car with opening doors, bonnet and boot. At age 4 John made a tiny hole in the boot and filled it with water (pretend petrol). He would drive up and down his close until the water ran out, after which he would push it home to refill and start again.

His early adult life was spent on a diet of 1970's Fords, which included a number of Mk1 Capri's, Granada's, Cortina Mk1s and Mk3s and a Fairlane 500.

In the early 1990's John became heavily involved in the Mini scene and many Minis passed through his hands. It was at this time that John started drawing cars in pencil, then experimented using various mediums, as he wanted to produce the images in a choice of colours. He finally settled for digital art, as it allowed him more flexibility and creativity.

John has a passion for classic BMW's and currently owns two 1971 BMW E3s.

Please feel free to click and scroll through some early pencil drawings from the 90's below.